SayWhat? works great on most fabrics, too!
Regular acrylics will work fine, you can add a fabric medium and heat set it for permanence. The above foorcloth for 2007 SALI convention was done on cambric cloth by Mary Boquard. She also created a matching banner.

Hi Hugh,
FINALLY finished the two pieces and the words placed perfectly!  Wanted to send you pictures of the final product.  Truly appreciate your time and expertise in helping me accomplish a better look to the Certification booth.  Hope to see you and thank you personally ... Mary

Thanks to: Kate Hunter, Escondido CA. Kate is a professional stenciler and head of the San Diego chapter of the Stencil Artisans League. She can be emailed at

Remember me?  Thought you might like to see the finished product.  Everyone loved your work...
Thanks again, Debra Fowlkes