Foreign Languages? Just name it, we can probably do it. Most western languages are a snap, just supply us with the translation, you can even order it online in many cases. We have most common special characters, such as umlauts, acutes, graves etc, and there's fonts available for just about any alphabet including Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, even Asian languages. Please inquire.

Below: This was a fun project for us and the client. The text (a biblical quote) is based on actual 4th Century Greek Coptic characters, and extends over about 30ft of wall.
Thanks to Jon Coker, Rochester, MN. "I thought you would enjoy seeing how it turned out with the Sinaiticus/Timothy text on the wall. We couldn't be more pleased; thanks... for making it happen."
Linguistsoftware supplied the beautiful and authentic font.Stenciled by Megan Valen, Rochester MN