Yes, you can etch and paint glass, too!
SayWhat? stencils work exceptionally well on glass, ceramic tile, mirrors, and other smooth hard surfaces. Although we're showing fairly small projects here, this technique can scale up to shower doors, mirrors, even storefront windows!

Glass Painting

Thanks to Bill Kapp, Arroyo Grande CA. This was a restoration of an old clock. The lettering was painted inside the glass- we need to cut the letters backwards to do this. There's no extra charge, but we need to know in advance. Glass painting can be fun, but requires some special techniques and paints.
"I am very pleased with the outcome and thank you for your efforts. I never could have done this by hand."
Font used: Algerian, available by special request.

Most of these smaller projects would need to be set up custom for you, please use our estimate form. Larger projects can be ordered using our design your own pages.


Glass Etching- Thanks to Beth Fitzpatrick of SALI, and Pat Borri, one of our employees.

Although there a number of etching products available, we recommend Etchall etching creme, a re-usable product that produces a permanent, etched finish on glass, mirror, and other similar surfaces. For more info.Click Here for the Etch-all site.