We can also do corporate logos, either "off the shelf" or custom made. Write us for details.

Above: Logo for skin care shop, designed in collaboration with the client.
.Hugh, Thank you for all your hard work - the sign turned out great! ... Here is a picture taken by the client but it really looks better in person. (That square thing is just a reflection on the wall.) We did pearl paint on the letters and painted a shadow around the bottom and left side. It looks just how I imagined in my mind. I love your "Say What".
Thanks!  Bonnie Miller

We have access to many corporate and sports logos. Write us for details.
Thanks Hugh! I got the stencils and they look fine. ... Thought you’d like to see how that Nascar stencil worked out that you sent me a few months back. Thanks for your help on these!   Deana Hegland DM Designs www.dmdesigngroup.com

Left: Logo for dental office. Art supplied by client.

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Thanks to: Amanda Dill  
.... I got the "Wildcats" stencil and it was perfect! I got it up on the backwall of the theatre and added grey shadowing. It was awesome! Thanks! Amanda


Thanks to:
Dorothy HooperD. Hooper Design Works  Reno, NV
Heather Iarfrati working on a wall for a business.