Thanks to Karen Mathews, Medinah IL. She is a professional muralist and faux painter, and also did the fine job on the faux bricks and finish, and on the grape vine.  You can contact her at . Grape stencil by Royal Design Studio

Mt San Antonio
Thanks to Jasmine Raphael, Fullerton CA.. One several walls with 20" letters done for Mt. San Antonio College.
Visit her website  at or email her at

Hi Hugh! I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for getting the order done for me so quickly and for doing such a great job. thank you for including the sample material...... (i've been muraling since i was 12, but this is the biggest job i've ever had and it's all lettering, which i've never done!). Anyways, i wanted to say it was so nice to have someone actually talk to me on the phone (so reaasuring), and to send out a quality product, on time, with good instructions, .. i really really appreciated it.

Thank you.