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Just wanted to send some pictures of the nursery I did for my daughter.   This is the third large project I have done using your stencils.  I feel your products are by far the best out there.  The art and detail of the stencils make them easy... Again thanks for the great products....Jack Bennett
Also used 728 Standing Bunny
Font used: Celebration.
Font: Dauphin Dear staff at the Mad Stencilist,
Thank you so much for helping us accomplish this beautiful project. I have included a picture that shows you how it turned out. With your helpful assistance and excellent service, we were able to easily stencil the Bible verse on this long wall. We plan to place the history of our publishing company (in black & white photos) on the wall beneath the stenciling. Blessings,
Peggy Wright, Harvest House Publishers

Judi Alyea did this project for a restaurant. Rather than usual stencil paints, in her words " I was very concerned as the finish was very rough and uneven. I troweled on Faux Effect Aqua Wax (clear)... let dry and then added copper tint to the wax and troweled a 2nd layer. I really looks looks like copper letters and I had no bleeding at all."

Judy is a professional artist and teacher with the Midwest School of Decorative Painting in Seneca IL. You can contact her at 800 201-5454 

Font: Chancery

Maygood_403 .jpg (39321 bytes) Wrapping other designs around the lettering is easy if we cut you an extra set of letter shapes. After you stencil, apply the extra letter shapes over the painted letters, then you don't have to worry about getting paint on your finished words. Painted by Sheri Hoeger.
Font: Highland Text

Hello there are a couple of pics with your great stencils. Thanks again. Shawn

-Shawn does custom motorycycle and car painting.

...I  want to thank you so much for the wonderful "Say What?" stencils. You see I have NEVER stenciled in my life before and I must say I kept putting off doing my project cause I was scared to death. But to my delight the whole project (as simple as it was) turned out beautifully and just took me such a short time. Thank you for doing a great job and having such a great product, so that us dummies can seem creative!-Blessings, Lucy from Wyoming!

Here's a photo of the wording I stenciled ... The room...will be be  submitted for possible inclusion in a Decorating Den design book...Thanks again for your quick all are a delight to work with and I appreciate your excellent service.
Connie Dehnel  "Custom stenciling by Connie" 
Visit her website: Click Here OR email her at
Manassas, VA  703-331-3519 

Font used: Carleton

I just wanted to send you a picture of how my stencil turned out.  It looks FABULOUS!  Take a look.....
Trell Allen

We're Looking, Thanks!

watercan3.jpg (62663 bytes)
Small Stuff too!

winelabel.jpg (58877 bytes)
By Sheri Hoeger

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