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So... should I get SayWhat?™ Single Use Adhesive Stencils, ReUseAble™ mylar Stencils, or Vinyl Appliqué
(stick on vinyl cutouts)

Here's some detailed information on how they compare, and some Frequently Asked Questions.. 

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SayWhat?™ masking stencils are entirely bridgeless   ReUseAble™ stencils, made from 7 mil mylar, are durable, but require BRIDGES:

You can finish your project in one pass.. You save time, and the self adhesive feature reduces "bleed" under the stencil edge- your results look clean and polished. In fact, this is the same process used by professional signmakers.
Also, many decorative designs, which might normally need several overlays, can often be painted in one pass.
See our short video below for how the product works.


To hold the letter centers and larger areas in, and create a product that can hold up to repeated use, bridges are required, which tend break up the flow of the design. As a rule, the more bridges, the sturdier the design, but we look at each custom project separately. A large part of our design process is to place bridges where they are least noticeable. Some simple designs may not require bridges.


     Frequently Asked Questions      

• How much does it cost?

How do I apply it?

• What if I make a mistake with a SayWhat?™

• How will I know what it looks like?

• How long does a ReUseAble™ stencil last?

• What type of designs are possible?

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• How about Vinyl Appliqué?

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