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  • SayWhat?™ Adhesive Stencil Masks are single use, which allows the fully bridgeless style preferred by professionals. This saves you time and effort, while achieving the highest quality results!
  • Easy to Order ... Design Your Own, choose from popular sayings or decorative designs, or have us help you with your layout by using our estimate form
  • Made to Order for a perfect fit every time! Plus a huge range of sizes and fonts, and any layout imaginable!
  • Versatile since you paint it yourself, you have an unlimited choice of colors and shading. It works on almost any paintable surface. Text, Graphics, Decorative Designs, Company Logos and More are available
  • Easy to Apply ...see our video below. Complete instructions and samples included with every order
  • Guaranteed to give great results, or we replace it FREE! Help
  • SayWhat? ReUseAble™ Stencils can be a money saving alternative if you're doing a large area or a number of repeats.
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    To view our  printed instructions, Click Here.
    We also include complete written instructions with every order!

    For a more detailed 3 min version click here

First Steps:

1. Think of something to say- inspiration is all around; you can use some of our sayings, quotes from your favorite authors, songs, movies, biblical passages, even kids, friends and family; we have links below to other sites that have hundreds of ideas.

2. Figure where you want to put it- you can do one line on a wall or soffit, wrap around 4 walls, go in an arch, circle, curve, zigzag, or randomly place words all over the room- just about any shape you can imagine words can take... and almost no surface is off limits. Our ideas pages show what some of our clients have done.

3. Give us your information and we do the rest!- pick out a font and/or design, and either Design Your Own Saying or use our Estimate Form. If you'd prefer you can also call us at 888-882-6232, fax 888-824-4412,or e-mail us.

Live Like

Three convenient ways to order

Design Your Own Saying Preview your text in whatever font you choose, and instantly figure the exact size and price, and order it online!
Estimate Form- if you have a more complex project, give us the particulars and we'll do the work- you can even send a sketch or digital photo and we can show you what your finished project will look like!
Popular Sayings- A large assortment of most asked for sayings and sizes- just click to order.
Simple Application!
  • Simply stick to walls, glass, furniture, fabric, or almost any paintable surface, then paint and remove.
  • The wording is cut so each section is contained in its own easy to align box
  • You can have your wording in linear (one line) style, multi line paragraphs, staggered lines, curves and arches, and even have text custom fitted to exact wall measurements;

  • Choose from our large selection of fonts, or we will work with you to find the style you like
  • We include complete instructions and a sample to practice with

  • Click Here for our printed instructions.
Live Well
OUR NO FAULT GUARANTEE- If you don’t get the results you expect with a SayWhat? stencil for any reason, we will replace the problem portion or whole order free of charge, including standard shipping to US locations.

Put your favorite sayings or designs on virtually any paintable surface! We can also custom make graphics and decorative designs from your artwork, or create something unique... just for you!

We also can custom make decorative designs and logos! We can work from artwork you have, supply images from our archives, or create something entirely original for you!   
Flourishes and Motifs are also available
Click Here or on image

We offer a wide variety of popular sayings available! You can instantly order this and otherpopular sayings in different sizes.
Available in Single Use or Reusable Formats. For more examples, click here.
Live Well
Available in Single Use or Reusable Formats.
Single Use Reusable ($10 extra) 

Can't think of anything?
Try these links for ideas!
Many of the quotes we've used were from these sites  An extremely well organized site with thousands of entries, set up by category, it even has a great search function! The oldest quotation site on the Web, established 1994. They have a searchable database of over 15,000 quotations, Quotes of the Day, Motivational Quotes of the Day, collections of quotations by Author and by Subject, and much more. Their goal is to provide you with real and useful principles, tools, articles and quotes about all matters around being creative and using creativity. A wonderful collection of quotes from great (and not so great) works of literature Despite its name, this has some longer text, but seems to have more short quotes than the other sites.
• Or just google "quotations"- there's dozens if not hundreds more sites available. Or if you have a partial quote you're trying to finish, type it in and see what comes up.

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